Dionisio Ferrari   The passion for the music,long years of planning, building and electroacustic maintenance, imagination of manual arts, the love of things made with our own hands. A long way between feeling and technology, to understand that the best is not always again after, but also that is giving again life to forgotten emotions, now buried by performances.

We restore Hi Fi Vintage equipments and amplification for musical instruments.
When the new digital equipment are clothing too tight for the great of music, return to those more lively instruments, which are the analogic machines of a past full of memories and feelings, it’s the main road to find again what we lost in the way.
Only electronic repairs or complete restorations, redesign and rebuilding of missing parts. Analogic electroacustic building of specifications of customer.

Original creations made with carved solid wood painted by hand. Decorative panels, frames, loudspeakers, lamps and many other objects made completely by hand, result of imagination, replicas of the past or original ideas of our customers.

  Courses carving, carving kits, rosettes, boxes and other wooden objects, materials for the carving.

Building of tools for experimentation of sciences of frontier
, because we are our past but we’re going to the future. And there is always something invisible and extraordinary to discover.

  To ask information about our products present on website, about purchase, restoration, customized building, drawing, or for a welcome visit to our laboratory, please contact us to the e-mail’s adress info@dionisioferrari.it

Our job:

Restoration and maintenance of vintage Hi-Fi components, tape recorders, turntables, tuners, tube amps and solid state, vintage radios, valve radios, vintage electronic musical instruments, loudspeakers, valves or transistors amplifiers for musical instruments and vintage analog effects pedals and musical instruments.

Building of: decorative panels - miniatures in solid wood - loudspeakers personalized by customer’s specifications - carved musical instruments - personalized above door and above window for internal - carved frames - pop art portraits from photographies - houses, farmhouses and rustics’s views from photographies -carved signs and plaques for internals - rosettes and half-moons -shields for trophy.

Tools for sciences of frontier: rotorgon, erim, elios, orac accumulator, dor buster, frequency generator.

Material for carving: Lime wood boards and tablets ready to carving, carving’s kit, solid wood boxes and objects to carve.
HI FI vintage restoration

Handmades and Courses carving

Tools for sciences of frontier

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